Diane Beecher

CEO, Senior Strategist

"Let’s marry brand to business strategy, creating powerful opportunities for growth."

Diane is a powerhouse of experience, knowledge and capability. Over three decades of working with the world’s leading brands have given Diane a reputation as a proven industry leader. Give Diane a challenge and she’ll give you both a smile and a solution that drives double-digit growth. Known for her high-energy, hands-on approach and deep client relationships, Diane leaves no part of your business to chance—or to the less experienced. Instead, she conducts every facet of an engagement with detailed precision, and is known for her sense of humor and unflappable positive attitude.

Mark Morris

Founder, Senior Strategist

"Let’s take a challenge and turn it into an opportunity to drive game-changing growth."

Mark ran his first business from his dorm room. In 1982, he founded what later became The Brand Consultancy and his passion for marrying brand to business strategy has helped to drive the company forward for three decades. Known for his strategic thinking with some of the world’s leading brands, he also has a reputation as an accomplished cook and loves to share sailing stories.

Jennifer Layton

Chief Research Officer

"Let’s combine customer insights with big-picture thinking to drive actionable outcomes."

Jen began her career as an Olympic-level gymnast. When a hip injury forced her to quit, she flipped over to quantitative and qualitative research, which she’s been conducting for several decades. Luckily, Jen loves asking questions: What’s important to your success? What makes people tick? How do customers make decisions? Inspired by answers, Jen unveils insights so powerful that they drive both business results and cries of “Jen, you’re a nerd.” She doesn't mind. She has a degree in neurobiology to prove it.

Chantal Panozzo

Chief Content Officer

"Let’s create contagious brand stories that affect both the head and heart."

Global brand campaigns, international newspapers, and published books all have one thing in common: Chantal’s writing. With a creative career that has taken her to several countries, bringing her work to the world in the process, Chantal’s strategic insights and impactful writing have helped hundreds of brands think beyond the borders of possibility. No matter the assignment—strategic brand voice development, messaging, integrated advertising campaign—Chantal’s solution will aim to both drive change and inspire a smile—ideally, simultaneously.

Andrew Haug

Chief Creative Officer

“Let’s be purposeful. Design isn’t just decoration—it’s about substance.”

Andrew’s design leadership is driven by a combination of passion and purpose. With over two decades of international experience, Andrew brings a thoughtful approach to creativity. No matter the sector—supermarkets, sports, silicone—Andrew begins every brand journey with a powerful design tool called listening. Open minded and never one sided, Andrew is deeply invested in his work, his team members, and his clients’ success. By inspiring emotional connections between brands and people, he creates more than visual identities—he creates impressions that are felt. Because he knows what is felt is never forgotten.

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